Equality, is it just a catch phrase?

We American’s become indignant when we are accused of treating others unequally. Yet, as the current political regime demonstrates its power, we come to realize that we fear the others. It’s not a rational fear we haven’t had a foreign-born attack since 2001. But we fear those who are not like us, and us could be any ethnicity or race as long as they aren’t white and Christian. It remains a mystery to me why the most powerful nation on earth, which has not been attacked in over a decade would fall for a fear campaign like the Trump farcical demonstration of ignorance. Fear condones activity which is irrational and costly. We are alienating entire cultures and undercutting our nation’s wealth to mount a massive defense build-up which is both not needed and most assuredly contribute to another arms race. American’s, we are more intelligent than this, we need to apply rational thinking to the current situation and prevail with intelligence not brute strength.
And now, Trump distracts the nation by his bullshit about  NFL Blacks protesting their brothers’ being murdered by police. Anything he can do to distract the media and thus the public.  Do not be fooled by his rhetoric we don’t need division. We all need to unite and stand together about Putin’s intrusion in our electoral process.

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