The follies of the DEA & Facebook

We are all well aware of the abuses of our government. Thanks in large part to Mr. Snowden. They will use any tactic to find a way to arrest and convict the citizens of our country. But this one caught my eye, not only for its surveillance capability, but for the dubious methods of the infamous Drug Enforcement Agency. Seems they have taken the identification of a young girl caught in their web, and exploited her pictures to establish a Facebook Page. DEA on Facebook.



DEA on Facebook

Medical Pot in Florida

There are several concerns about the collateral consequences of smoking marijuana. These could concern your employer, your household if you have kids and your landlord. These issues would be resolved eventually, but in the meantime if the bill passes, and you obtain a card. Tread carefully!


Amendment 2,

Article X, Section 29 (a)

(1) The medical use of marijuana by a qualifying patient or personal caregiver is not subject to criminal or civil liability or sanctions under Florida law except as provided in this section.

(2) A physician licensed in Florida shall not be subject to criminal or civil liability or sanctions under Florida law for issuing a physician certification to a person diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition in a manner consistent with this section.

Your free Pro-se Civil Rights Complaint.

Often times I am asked how do you sue the government. Whether it’s the police or another agency operating under state law. Please consider the form below as a gift. It’s public and you may share it.  Pro-se civil rights complaint click to see a standard blank 42 USC 1983 complaint. You may need a Adobe Reader but they are free.

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Hello world!

The United States has approximately one quarter of the world’s prison population. One large contributing factor is due to stringent drug laws that are putting large amounts of non-violent offenders behind bars for long periods of time, on the tax-payer’s dollar. With growing support for the legalization of medicinal marijuana, drug law reform is a hot button issue for many states. The main incentive for states to address their laws and inmate population is the excessive amounts of money in maintaining the current prison population. Today, one in four American’s have has some type of punitive sanction inposed due to a criminal infraction. Its due time we repealed hundreds  of these statutes and regulations. The law is a tool to structure society, not to dominate the citizens of that society.

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